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FRIDAY 20 nov: Opening
7 p.m. from Qtech’s premises

7.00 p.m. Kristina Issa
7.30 p.m. Din Vän Jona
7.50 p.m. Dear Someone
8.15 p.m. Mushtaq
8.25 p.m. Frida Wallin och Sophie Jonsson
8.50 p.m. Hannah Tolf
Host: Alexander Goldmann, founder of MMR

6 p.m. from Musikens hus

6 p.m. Amanda Andréas
6.30 p.m. The Regressive Blues Experiment
7.05 p.m. Erik Elias
7.40 p.m. Aran Wehby
8.15 p.m. Dog Park
8.45 p.m. Thilini Kvartett
Host: Rudy Addo

SUNDAY 22 nov
6 p.m. from Biskopsgårdens kyrka

Jacques Labouchere
Anja Erika
May Ibrahim – poesi
Konferencier: Anja Erika

7 p.m. from Creative Point Stage at Brew House
Creative Point & Poesijakten presents:
Vic Vem
Otilia Eek

1Gbg is a culture festival for a more united Gothenburg. We want to heal the city, get more people to meet with culture as a unifying heart. You can help and get involved with the festival as an artist or organizer and of course by visiting concerts and performances that are going on all over town! Together we are 1Gbg.